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Crossy Road Unblocked

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Endless Runner

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Crossy Road is an addictive mobile game that has you guiding various characters across perilous roads and rivers in an endless hopping challenge. This viral hit seamlessly combines Frogger-style gameplay with a randomly generated, procedurally generated world.

Gameplay & Objective Crossy Road

Using intuitive swipe or tap controls, players hop horizontally and vertically to navigate different adorable characters across busy highways, train tracks, and rivers. The goal is to hop as far as possible without getting hit by traffic or falling into water.

Along the way, gold coins can be collected to unlock new quirky animal avatars like squares of tofu, robot unicorns, and more! Spooky forests, coastal villages, splashing fountains – no two games look the same thanks to the random terrain generation.

Features & Game Modes Crossy Road

Key features that explain why Crossy Road has over 120 million downloads worldwide:

● Simple controls but challenging skill-based hopping ● Bright, blocky visuals with cute designs ● Hundreds of wildly unique unlockable characters ● Daily challenges and leaderboards competition ● Co-op local multiplayer mode to hop together


From bouncing chickens to leaping llamas, Crossy Road delivers infectious arcade-style fun blended into an endlessly fresh experience. Hop back into the crossover hit today!

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